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Thank you for visiting SnS.  Please look around and see what I offer. Solid & Superior German Shepherd Puppies. Honesty, Integrity. The BEST you can buy ANYWHERE!!  I strive to produce the best quality of puppies money can buy for a VERY reasonable price.  I breed to the AKC & SV Standards.  I do not breed the 'low riders' but straight back old fashion dogs. I stand behind every life I put on this earth. You will not find a better quality puppy in Michigan! I GUARANTEE it 100%!  I have some new lines in my new males, a lot of german working lines & some nice working lines with show lines to temper the pedigrees. Awesome Pedigrees. Great Prices.

 Some Advice...

Thinking about getting a German Shepherd? DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!
I can't stress this enough! Check out the breeder, the dogs/puppies they produce & the pedigree of the puppies. VISIT them, more than once if you want to. See what kind of environment the puppies are in and pay attention to what kind of food they eat. What kind of Gaurantee to they provide, do they actually back it up?

What to look for   

First check out that the breeder you are looking at DOES NOT breed the females on EVERY HEAT! This makes for unhealthy puppies & unhealthy Mothers. Ask your Vet, he will tell you the same thing. They need a break just like people do. It hurts women to have a baby every year, same for dogs. They should have only 1 litter a year. Some bad breeders, Puppy mills, breed on every heat from the females 1st heat until she is too old to put out puppies. This should be a MAJOR RED FLAG to buyers. This is something to steer clear of. Good breeders do not breed every heat, they breed for quality. Bad breeders, Backyard Breeders & Puppy mills breed for QUANTITY, They are in it just for the money, and only the money.

Ask Questions.....

Don't be afraid to ask questions! ANY GOOD BREEDER will be more than happy to answer any questions, HONESTLY, and show you around their place. If you are looking for a pet ONLY, purchase a "Pet Quality" dog. Pet quality is more laid back and makes a much better Family Pet, but with enough energy to play with and protect their family. While all German Shepherds have a good amount of energy and need exercise, some are better suited to families but still have what it takes to protect their family. It's really hard for a working dog to 'turn it on & off" like a light switch, as some breeders claim. It's possible, but hard to do. You must work several hours a day to have a tired dog first. A tired dog is a good dog. Don't forget to check the pedigree of any puppy you are looking at too. It will tell you a lot about the puppy and what he/she will be like when fully grown.

Again, do your homework before you buy! 

You will be much happier and so will your new pet; Save your family from the heartache, disappointment, trouble and finances by purchasing from a responsible breeder. Good Luck in your quest for a new family member! If you are careful & stay clear of puppy mills, (people who breed, breed and breed their females every heat and most times more than one breed of dog and a lot of the same breed), you will find what you are looking for; a lifelong companion and loyal family member. Just PLEASE be VERY careful on what breeder you choose. There are a few not so good ones here in Michigan. Homework, Homework and you will NOT be sorry!!

**Pet ownership comes with great responsibilities and life long commitments, So Please be certain that you are ready 
to add on to your family!**

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Solid & Superior 
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