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About Me

First,  and foremost; There is Only Me and I am NOT a Kennel. 
I am a Private Hobby Breeder. There are 2 of us & we take care of our own puppies & dogs. 
I breed for "Quality" not Quantity.
 I breed my girls 
 ONLY 1 time a year. 
I breed German Shepherd Dogs for
 Family Pets and Protectors.

 I am Up North in the Mancelona area of Michigan  

I worked as a Veterinarian Technician for 16 years, learned Obedience Training under Jiggs Raimer, From Safety Girl Kennels back in the 70's, and then I did German Shepherd Rescue work. I have not done rescue work on a regular basis over the past 10 years; however, I will still take in a rescue on occasion. 
 I was licensed by Michigan State for Rescue work. 
I have been working with this breed for OVER 40 years!

A Rising Problem;

After all the rescue work I did I found that the German Shepherd dog was not the same as what I grew up knowing. They were afraid of everything and not healthy looking. They were just not being bred right. They had so many health problems. Breeders/Puppymils were ruining the breed by breeding too often and way too many puppies. They were in it for the money, introducing degenerative diseases in the breed. You have only to look at their websites, look around see that some breeders are breeding every female on every heat with 6 to 8 litters of puppies looking for homes at the same time. That is a sign of a bad breeder and/or puppy-mill. Today way too many are breeding dogs that pass on bad genes and hereditary diseases to their pups. BackYard Breeders are another source who don't know what they are doing. Some breeding 2 dogs for a cheaper price with no AKC papers so they can make money. There are 2 of these breeders right here in Michigan. All you have to do is check their web sites and you will find that they breed their females on every heat. Look at the females, how many times have they had puppies in the last year. If she is bred on every heat, she will not produce very good puppies. Good place to start.

                            My Solution;

 I decided to breed and see what I can produce to BETTER the breed. I breed for better health, better temperament, brains and beauty, and the bravest dog, for the best wholesome family pet you can buy. I researched this breed in every way possible. The actual lines are not what makes a good family pet,  although it does help. I looked into every aspect possible before I started breeding. I like to use the West German Lines as I believe this line produces better family pets with more even temperaments. All my dogs, young & old are Straight  backed. I do not breed low-riders.

The German Shepherd dog is one of the most loyal, trustworthy and sensible dogs God ever put on this earth. Why would anyone want any other kind of dog? These dogs make the very best family pets & protectors that you can buy. They are the best protectors, even giving their lives for their family. With crime on the rise, because of this economy, because of all the break-ins, isn't owning one of these dogs worth it? Have you ever heard on the News that someone broke into a home with a German Shepherd on duty? No, you never will either. They make the best pets for kids too. They show amazing abilities to bond with their families. They are even good with seniors and have been known to not only help them but have found health problems that need a doctors care. They are great with kids too. You just can NEVER go wrong with a German Shepherd. Just look at my dogs and see what you think.......

My Furkids DO NOT support me. I Love my dogs. I love Breeding what I love. I put a lot of time & money into each puppy. I see my puppy people as friends. As a Private Hobby Breeder , I just about break even.  I am not a business and I do not consider my buyers 'customers' but a new friend in my life too.. My females will never have a litter of puppies before they are at least 2 years old ( or their 3rd heat) and they are only breed ONCE a year. I breed my girls so that I can have 1 litter from each, every year. Breeding the females more than that gives you very unhealthy puppies and of poor quality. I breed for Quality so you can purchase a nice Healthy Family Pet, for a very affordable price. I am also willing to trade one of my puppies for a service that I may need if you can not afford to purchase a puppy.  Money is tight for everyone.

PLEASE only buy puppies from Quality Breeders who breed their females ONCE A YEAR & not before 2 yrs of age, and check them out before you buy you will NOT be sorry and neither will your new pet. BEWARE of Puppy-mills. It doesn't matter how many Schh3 or KKL1's behind the name of any dog that is bred or even the OFA ratings. If a dog is not Structurally Sound in mind and body, free of any health problems, then you will not have a strong sound healthy dog for a pet. A breeder should health test any dog they intend to breed. I do this for my own peace of mind and that of any one who has one of my puppies. I guarantee that my breeding dogs are free of any inheritable diseases BEFORE they produce any puppies. So my puppies are in for a long life free of any problems or diseases and peace of mind for their new owners. Isn't that the way it should be? Isn't that the right way to breed puppies? You will get that here and not very many other places. DO YOUR HOMEWORK !! Good Luck in your search for a new family pet, No matter where you  get it.

I do take my puppies to a DVM for  shots and a check up.  All my puppies are microchipped  in the new owners name. All this is done in the correct manner at no extra cost to the new owner.  Notice the $2500.00 price tags for puppies not worth that much? This is why. My puppies, for much less, give you the Exact SAME THING!    .

Solid & Superior 
German Shepherds
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