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S n' S German Shepherds (“Breeder”), a breeder of domesticated German Shepherd dogs, and xx Buyer’s Name xx (“Purchaser”), enter this Companionship Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”), for the sale and purchase of _____________ (“Dog”), a male/female German Shepherd dog with a limited registration to the American Kennel Club. The effective date of this Agreement is xx Date.


Registered Name: AKC#

Sire: AKC#

Dam: AKC#

Date Whelped:Sex:Color:

Call Name:Microchip


*The Breeder shall transfer ownership of the Dog and a limited registration of the Dog to Purchaser in consideration $1500.00 dollars, of which three hundred ($300.00) dollars is NON-REFUNDABLE deposit, which shall be paid by Purchaser to Breeder at the execution of this Agreement. The remaining One Thousand, two hundred ($1200.00) dollars, in cash, is to be paid by Purchaser to Breeder when the Purchaser takes possession of the Dog. Limited Registration means that any offspring of the Dog will not be eligible for registration. 
*The Breeder agrees that if, within two (2) business days of transfer of ownership of the Dog from Breeder to Purchaser, the Purchaser’s veterinarian finds the Dog to be in ill health, the cause of which clearly attributable to the Breeder, the Dog may, upon the veterinarian’s written diagnosis, be retained by the Purchaser, returned for a full refund of the purchase price, or exchanged for another dog of equal value. Any veterinarian’s diagnosis shall be subject to confirmation by a veterinarian chosen and paid for by the Breeder. Should the Breeder’s veterinarian’s diagnosis not concur with the diagnosis of the Buyer’s veterinarian’s diagnosis, the matter shall be presented to a third veterinarian mutually agreed upon by the Breeder and the Purchaser, paid in equal parts by the Breeder and the Purchaser.


*Purchaser understands that the Dog is being sold for companionship purposes only. A companionship dog means that the Dog is being sold as a family pet, housedog, and a member of the family, and will not live entirely outside. 
*The Purchaser shall present the Dog to a licensed veterinarian of choice within three (3) business days for a physical examination. The Purchaser shall have the Dog spayed or neutered within two(2) years after the Dog’s whelping date. Spay/Neuter before 2 years of age will void this contract
*Purchaser agrees to allow the Breeder a right of first refusal, should the Purchaser decide to relinquish or transfer ownership of the Dog. The Breeder shall repossess the Dog including the Dog’s registration and all medical records.
*Purchaser further agrees that if any of the Purchaser’s Representations under this Agreement are broken, this Agreement will be void, and the Breeder will have the right to repossess the Dog with no cost to the Breeder and no refund of the purchase price. 
*Purchaser agrees not to put this dog in the back of an open back pick up truck to ride or allow to hang his head out the window when vehicle is in motion.


*The Breeder guarantees this Dog to be of sound health and temperament at the time of this Agreement, based upon the observation of the Dog and knowledge of the Dog’s ancestry. Meaning that the Dog is sound when the Purchaser at the time of this Agreement. The Purchaser is aware that behavior is based on genetics and environment. Improper training and neglect can spoil good genetic temperament. The Purchaser shall call the Breeder for advice if the Purchaser is unsure of how to deal with a particular behavior of the Dog. The Purchaser is not responsible for the behavior of the Dog after the Purchaser has taken possession of the Dog. 


*The Purchaser understands that S n' S German Shepherds has provided reasonable care for the Dog on a temporary basis prior to this Agreement. In purchasing this Dog, the Purchaser agrees to hold S n' S German Shepherds harmless from all claims to damages, including but not limited to: personal injury claims made as a result of the Dog. This Agreement includes any attorney fees or costs incurred by S n' S German Shepherds as a result of any claim.

*The Purchaser shall not euthanize the Dog for any reason without contacting S n' S prior to euthanize the Dog. S n' S has the right to request a second veterinarian opinion to determine if euthanize the Dog is necessary. In the case of an emergency situation a veterinarian may euthanize the Dog. (eg hit by car and no chance of recovery and in terrible pain)

*Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall the purchaser placed this animal with a dog pound, animal shelter, animal rescue, pet shop, private party or research lab. Purchase will be responsible for any charges incurred to get this animal back. Breeder has FIRST choice to get the puppy back but WILL NOT pay for it. The purchase fee will NOT be returned to purchaser, nor will the breeder “buy” back the animal. You MUST get it in writing from S n' S BEFORE you put the puppy in another home. 
*All paperwork, AKC papers, shot records & Vet papers MUST be returned with the animal.
*If you move you must call the breeder and give a new number & address within 1 week.

*The purchaser agrees that S n' S has the right to enter upon Purchaser property, with notice to repossess the animal if for any reason this contract is deemed Breached by S n' S. The purchaser thereby forfeits all right of ownership upon breach of this contract.

*The Purchaser is completely satisfied and waives all claims regarding the Dog’s conformation and outward appearance. Purchaser further agrees that the Purchaser understands this Agreement fully, will comply with this Agreement, and that this Agreement is under the jurisdiction of the State of Michigan, Crawford County. It is also agreed that the place of venue shall be Crawford County, Michigan.

*You must stay in touch for the first year at least once a month with a picture & update on the puppy and to have any pictures, emails posted to the web site for the benefit of other viewers to see what the puppies look like when growing up.

*Purchaser has read and agrees to the terms of this contract, has paid a deposit and a fee of $_1500.00 for Limited AKC Registration and acknowledge the receipt of said animal to be in good health.   

while we try to be sure all puppies are dewormed we cannot​ guarantee that the puppy will be 100% worm free. Please take puppy to the Vet within 48 hours to have him/her checked for worms.

We also Highly recommend NU VET SUPPLEMENTS. and encourage all puppies go on these as soon as possoible. they are on them from birth. Please be sure and read all this info giving to you.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement as of the day and year set forth below.


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