Purchase Info

A Purchase Contract is available for both the buyer and myself, which allows room for modifications should you as the new puppy's owner wish to.

Here is what you get when you purchase a puppy from me:

* A guarantee in writing against Hip & Health defects (hereditary) for 26 months.  

* Free replacement and you keep the first one if you wish too, if there are ANY Inherited health problems. Vet Documentation required. 

* Documentation with Shot & De-worming Record,  proof of what has been given. 

*Micro-chipped for much less than other breeders and in your name. 

* A Very X- Large goodies bag for your new puppy. Collar, leash, brush, toys, chewy toys  and lots of info. I also include a nice size bag of food in a  reusable bag and a folder of information for your new pet. 

* Lifetime of Support for you and your puppy. No matter what the reason, I will always be available to talk to you! For any reason.

****** Puppies must be picked up between 8 weeks of age. Buyer will need to pay a boarding fee of $10.00 per day for any time after the posted "Pick up Date" *******Unless arrangments are made.

*A LIFETIME RETURN POLICY, and I will Guarantee not to "Put Down" the dog, (put to sleep), like the local breeder in Roscommon does, but to find a new home, unless a Veterinarian says it can not be saved or rehabilitated, and I need to be convinced there is no other way. I will try as hard as possible to find a new home for your pet.

*If there is EVER a question or problem, please do not hesitate to call and I will help in any way I can. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW OLD THE DOG IS, OR EVEN IF YOU PURCHASED IT FROM ME. I will help you in any way I can.

*And a promise that you are now a new friend and will send me pictures of your new puppy with family members on the regular basis! I care what happens to the puppies I put on this earth, And not just until I have your money, but for the whole life of the dog.

* I am not a puppy-mill or in this just for the money, and I do not ship any puppies. I will ground ship only. I am a Private Hobby Breeder. You must come here and pick up the puppy of your choice.  I can take a check for the deposit and I will take a check for the remainder of the amount owed, but the puppy stays here until the check clears the bank. I prefer cash for final payment at pick up. I know this makes it hard on the honest person, but dishonest people sure make it hard for us honest ones.


 $1500.00 for Limited AKC
   Pet Quality
This means the puppy has to be fixed at the appropriate age.
No puppies can be registered with AKC. Numbers are
completely removed from the papers.

 Call for Full AKC
This means you can breed the puppy at the correct 
age & register the puppies.

At least a $300.00 deposit will hold the puppy for you.  
Deposit are NON- REFUNDABLE, But can be moved to another litter if you wish to.

If you have any questions, Please feel free to give me a call!

S n' S German Shepherds
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