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Here I will post from past puppie owners & their dogs.
Hi Debbie,

Meredith wrote: "Hot spots" are almost totally healed and a brand new collar is on my gal. Strapped on her harness and we headed for a nice cool walk on the pier. She licked little kids and started barking when a lady tried to take pics. Thanks for giving us such a beautiful girl, Debbie Schultz - lost track of how many times I had to say "thank you!"."

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S n' S German Shepherds
Seger is  Kia & Orick's girl
Born December 14, 2011

Linda Dillingham  

10:13 AM  7/25/13

to Deb, 

Sadie is doing great. She is coming along great on training and is a pleasure to have around.

We love her! She absolutely loves our other dog, Mariska and is a natural ball player.

Ray Nazarowff and Linda Dillingham

Black Female

There's no words to describe the joy and happiness our German Shepherds give us everyday. Kate (Nitro X Jocelyn - 2011) and Nagi (Nitro X Princess - 2013) are both extremely intelligent, level headed, big hearted, loyal, loving dogs with extremely awesome temperaments. We get many compliments from friends, family, and strangers; so much so, that even the dogs can't help to walk around proud as peacocks! And although Jax is not technically one of your puppies, we did get him from you and wouldn't trade him for the world despite his "special" needs personality. He's a loving soul with a huge heart! We have always been impressed with everyone's willingness to accept a new member of the pack very quickly too; most recently, our new girl Luna. I've chosen this picture because it's not only a great shot of all the dogs, it also shows how willing, social, and respectful they are with company. Pictured left to right, back row: Luna, my Aunt's fiance Butch, my Aunt Connie; front row: Jax, Nagi, Kate. We just want to give you a huge thank you for getting us hooked on GSD's! You produce wonderful, well rounded, healthy dogs that would make ANY household a happy place!
Thanks so much, 
The Ewald's